1. Zubrix Technologies provides a 10 day money back guarantee for shared & reseller accounts. The following are eligibility requirements for the money back guarantee. Customers must meet all eligibility requirements in order to be awarded the refund as per our money back guarantee:
  • You have not been a customer of Zubrix Technologies in the past.
  • Abuse or misuse has not occurred on your service (see “Account Security and Zubrix Technologies Systems”, “CPU, Bandwidth, and Disk Usage”).
  • You have not initiated a dispute or charge back.
  • Any violations of this agreement will waive your right to a refund.
  • We debit Payment gateway & GST amount balance amount refund to client.


  1. Zubrix Technologies reserves the right to terminate service at any time. If an account is terminated for a policy violation there will be no refund.
  2. Customers can cancel service pursuant to the terms of their contract by email or through the portal. Only authorized contacts/individuals can cancel an account. Unless client specifies a termination date, accounts will be terminated upon notice.
  3. Unless otherwise specified in the terms of Client’s contract and for all month-to-month services, cancellation notice must be received at least 7 days prior to scheduled service renewal date; furthermore, if service is cancelled with less than 7 days remaining before scheduled service renewal, the service will renew for 1 additional month automatically.
  4. Cancellation requests must be submitted via the Zubrix Technologies client area by creating “Ticket” with subject “Request Service Cancellation”  or sending the cancellation email to for the services being discontinued.
  5. Refund policies (above) strictly apply to all cancelled accounts.
  6. If an account is cancelled due to non-payment, Zubrix Technologies reserves the right to delete contents without notice and re-provision the server.